Testament-Anthology book lauch in Brasov – a great success!!

The lauch of Testament – Anthology of Romanian Verse (bilingual edition) in Brasov, at Libraria St O iosif was a fantastic occasion. The people present, including A.I. Brumaru, Daniel Dragan, Mihaela Malea Stroe, Adrian Munteanu, Laurentiu-Ciprian Tudor, Stefan Basangeac, Romeo Nicolae Stefanescu, Eugen Axinte and others, as well as many members of the public, got to listen to marvellous poetry recitals (especially from Adrian Munteanu) as well as a folk recital from Adrian Ivanitchi and Catalin Condurache. The dinner and folk recital afterwards at hotel STOP, gave us time to know each other better, and listen to the wanderful Adrian Ivanitchi and Catalin Condurache for a full concert.

Mihaela Malea Stroe, Daniel Ionita and Daniel Dragan at Hotel STOP restaurant in Brasov

Bookfest 2012, with Alex Stefanescu, Ana Munteanu, Clara & Bogdan Voda

Not many people at Bookfest 2012. I think the event can be better positioned/organised… However I had the chance to meet again with literary critic and historian Alex Stefanescu, with whom we spent a very pleased evening. Along came also Ana Munteanu, chief-editor at Minerva Publishing House, and actors Clara and Bogdan Voda.

Alex Stefanescu and Daniel Ionita at Bookfest 2012

On PrimaTV with Florentina Opris during her show Sport, Diet and a Celebrity (Sport, Dieta si o Vedeta)

A few weeks ago I was with Florentina Opris during her TV show (PrimaTV) Sport, Dieta si o Vedeta (Sport, Diet and a Celebrity – the chef was the celebrity, obviously, as he assembled this most amazing salad!!!). Thank you Florentina! Thank you chef!!


Florentina Opris and Daniel Ionita during the 28 November show Sport, Dieta si o Vedeta (Sport, Diet and a Celebrity) on PrimaTV


Official Invitation for the Testament – Anthology event at the National Library (Biblioteca Nationala) Thursday 20 Dec, at 13:00

Here it is, attached the official invitation to the event on Thursday 20 December at 13:30. Location: Biblioteca Nationala (National Library).

I might even decide to play/sing December (verses G.Bacovia, music N.Alifantis). I am figuring there are no rotten tomatoes, Bucharest being beset by winter and all that. So the public can at worst boo…

Invitaton for the Testament – Anthology event on Thursday 20 Dec, at 13:30, Biblioteca Nationala (Romanian National Library).

Two new launch-events for Testament-Anthology of Romanian Verse (Bilingual Edition: English/Romanian) by Daniel Ionita

The third and fourth launch sessions of Testament – Anthology of Romanian Verse – Bilingual Edition (English/Romanian) will take place in Bucharest (20 December, at 15:00, National Library of Romania) and Brasov (21 December at 14:30, on the premises of St O Iosif Bookshop, str. Muresenilor 14)

The Bucharest event will feature actors Ilinca Tomoroveanu (artistic director of the National Theatre in Bucharest), Clara and Bogdan Voda, (actors at Bulandra Theatre) who will perform a mini-recital of poetry. Clara and Bogdan will interpret in both English and Romanian. Apart from this, the usual suspects, Chief Editor Ana Munteanu (on behalf of Minerva Publishing House) and author Daniel Ionita (who wanted to perform a belly-dancing act until he found out that this is in fact a family event part of the Christmas Fair…)

The Brasov event, at the St O Iosiv bookshop, will feature poets Adrian Munteanu and Mihaela Malea Stroe, literary journalist Laurentiu Tudor, Ana Munteanu (Minerva) and Daniel Ionita (author – who again, will attempt to cross the Danube in a wheel-barrow, while reciting Eminescu’s Gloss). Exciting as this might be, it will pale by comparison to the music, to be performed by singer-song-writers Adrian Ivanitchi, Catalin Condurache, and Lucia Potra.