Testament-Anthology book lauch in Brasov – a great success!!

The lauch of Testament – Anthology of Romanian Verse (bilingual edition) in Brasov, at Libraria St O iosif was a fantastic occasion. The people present, including A.I. Brumaru, Daniel Dragan, Mihaela Malea Stroe, Adrian Munteanu, Laurentiu-Ciprian Tudor, Stefan Basangeac, Romeo Nicolae Stefanescu, Eugen Axinte and others, as well as many members of the public, got to listen to marvellous poetry recitals (especially from Adrian Munteanu) as well as a folk recital from Adrian Ivanitchi and Catalin Condurache. The dinner and folk recital afterwards at hotel STOP, gave us time to know each other better, and listen to the wanderful Adrian Ivanitchi and Catalin Condurache for a full concert.

Mihaela Malea Stroe, Daniel Ionita and Daniel Dragan at Hotel STOP restaurant in Brasov

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