The universal therapist?

Facebook is asking me how am I feeling.
A trite or shallow question, if there’s one…
Does it really mean it? Is it even an IT? Maybe it’s a s/he?
Or am I perhaps missing something here… Something  big:
Maybe the universe has decided to apply some kind of universal therapy
to all all of us? (internet users that is, as the rest do not matter
- and do not deserve to be acknowledged – I am doing it for
Simply rhetorical reasons, since they will not benefit from this therapeutic
Model called facebook.
But back to our question: facebook is asking me how am I feeling
On YOUR behalf! Were you even aware of it? I mean, at a deep level.
Stop. Think. For a minute, take it seriously. Or for two minutes, maybe.
Think about it: is it any wonder that you get bloomin’ annoyed at times with what people,
(Your “friends”) post?
You are asking them (through facebook’s universal
cosmic therapeutic interface) how they are feeling. And some of them chose to be…
…honest. To be themselves, authentic, that is. And this means, sometimes: to be stupid, self-centred, self-referencing,
codswallop ingurgitating bottom-feeders. Sometimes not.
In the end who’s responsible? You? Facebook?
For this therapeutic question, I mean: How are you feeling, Daniel?
Which neither (of you two – or is your number legion?) take seriously enough.
Next time I will tell you, and maybe Ms Facebook, how I really feel.

5 thoughts on “The universal therapist?

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