COME TO ME – Daniel Ionita

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COME TO ME – Daniel Ionita


Your life’s a drumming of bereft desires,

A drab routine , low swill, a vapid quest.

You cling to dreams of fog, and smothered fires…

But come to me, for I will give you rest.


Long have you waited for the days to brighten,

And slaved in vain, while hoping for the best.

When lights go dim, your heart begins to frighten,

Make haste to me, and I will give you rest.


Life trudges to its ultimate conclusion;

A sinking feeling struggles in your chest,

Your hope of greatness – fanciful illusion,

Return to me, and I will grant you rest.


I walked, with you through Hades and its paws,

With you I wandered, poor and dispossessed;

Eternal death has crushed me in its jaws,

Hoping you’ll come, and I can give you rest.


Remember who you are and what’s

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